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MOAA 2017 Legislative Goals 

Summary Matrix of 2017 JLC Policy Initiatives

2017-01 Virginia Veterans and Family Support Program

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly change the Code of Virginia to revise the charter of the VVFS; release $393.494 (GF) to DVS in FY17; authorize 21 new positions in FY17; and appropriate and additional $700,000 (GF) in FY18 to convert VVFS to an all-state employee service delivery structure.

2017-02 Virginia War Memorial

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly appropriate an additional $100,000 (GF) in FY18, to ensure that the Virginia War Memorial has the resources necessary to accomplish its dual mission of honor and education.

2017-03 Guard Income Tax Subtraction

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly increase the state income tax subtraction level for members of the Virginia National Guard from $3,000 to $5,000 per year.

2017-04 In-state Tuition for Reserve Components

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and the General Assembly change the eligibility for in-state tuition to include all members of the Virginia National Guard and the Reserve components, thus recognizing their service to the Commonwealth and treating them equality to the active components and veterans.

2017-05 Virginia Veterans Entrepreneurship Grant Program

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly approve legislation creating the Virginia Veteran Entrepreneurship Grant Pilot Program under the Department of Veterans Services and appropriate $900,000 (GF) per year in FY18 and FY19 to award grants to companies that provide entrepreneurship training to veterans. Also, that the Board of Veterans Services (BVS) continue its work on veteran entrepreneurship and develop additional recommendations for consideration.

2017-06 VMSDEP

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly remove the requirement that a veteran’s disability rating be combat related and within an armed conflict. Instead, a permanent, service-connected disability rating of at least 90%, plus satisfaction of the other requirements currently in the Code, would qualify a veteran’s spouse or child for VMSDEP benefits.

2017-07 Electronic Ballot Return

RECOMMENDATION: That the Governor and General Assembly promote development, approval, and budgeting of secure proce- dures to permit the electronic return of absentee ballot by overseas uniformed military voters.


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