Board of Directors Minutes

The latest Military Officers Association Southwest Virginia Chapter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes is shown below. Previous Board of Director Meeting Minutes are archived below and may be downloaded by clicking on the name.





14 December 2017

Call to Order

A meeting of the Board of Directors of The Southwest Virginia Chapter, Military Officers Association was held on 14 December 2017 at 0900 hours Eastern Standard Time at the Hidden Valley Country Club, Salem Virginia.

Directors and Chapter Officers Present:

President, Personal Affairs Officer and Legislative Affairs Representative Jim Flynn,  1st Vice President David Gilleran, Secretary Steve Jamison, Treasurer Scott Van Cleef,  Public Relations Representative and Newsletter Editor Gary Powers, Chaplain Roger Talmadge, VCOC Representative John Miller, Smith Mountain Lake Representative Arthur Sommers, Surviving Spouse Liaison Mary Lou Summers, Membership Chair Donna Fore, Director Larry Johnson, Past President and Program Chair Dan Karnes, Sergeant At Arms Michael Kasnick, Director Jim Karlen, Director Emeritus Bill Gore and Tom Dalzell. 

Directors and Chapter Officers Absent:

2nd Vice President Todd Dodson, Directors Roger Burnett, Mike Leigh, and Membership Chair Robert Habermann.

Call to Order

President Jim Flynn called the meeting to order at 1000 hours. A quorum of directors was present, and the meeting was convened. 

Opening Prayer

1st Vice President David Gilleran led the Directors in prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance:

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited by all present.

Approval of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting for 21 September 2017 were approved as submitted.

Presidents Report

The Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the Nominating Committee for the slate of Chapter Officers and Board of Directors for 2018. 

Secretary’s Report:

Secretary Steve Jamison advised current membership at 108 with 26 December as this year’s cutoff for new member gains and report due to National NLT 1 February 2018.

Next Chapter newsletter will advise all to bring their membership up to date.

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking account balance - $5,885.53

Leadership and savings fund balance - $7,186.77, of which $2,250 is in savings, $3,750 from the VFW gift and $1,186.77 in the Leadership fund.

Treasurer presented 2017 Profit and Loss Overview for review. A final report will be sent out before the end of year.

Treasurer presented a proposed budget for 2018.  The proposed budget was not balanced in the amount of $376 and a discussion was conducted to see how the chapter could make up the shortfall and reduce expenses.  To balance the proposed budget it was recommended to increase the expected individual/business contributions for the leadership fund by $250 to $350 and that the chapter reduce the number of post card meeting notices to five.  The combination of these actions would balance the budget.  The proposed budget as amended was approved.

Chaplains Report

Chaplain Talmadge reported on the latest of the Military Family Support Center.

 1st Vice President’s Report:

No report.

2nd Vice President’s Report:

Still reaching out for new members; expects new roster from MOAA National in the Spring

Surviving Spouse Representative Report:

The annual wreath laying ceremony at the Virginia Veterans Cemetery in Dublin was conducted on Saturday 9 December 2017.  Weather necessitated holding the ceremony indoors with those present laying some 855 wreaths on Veterans graves.

Legislative Liaison Report:

MOAA VCOC “Storming the Hill” scheduled for 21-22 January 2018, in Richmond.  John Miller, Gary Powers and Jim Flynn plan to attend and represent the Chapter.

VCOC Representative Report

Gary Powers will be the SWVC Chapter VCOC representative beginning 1 January 2018.  A notice of this change will be sent to VCOC.

John Miller reported on the 5 December 2017 Legislative Forum at the American Legion Post 3 sponsored by the Roanoke Valley Veterans Council and other veteran organizations. Senator John Edwards, David Sutterlein and Delegates Gregory Habeeb, Christopher Head and Sam Rasoul participated. 

Public Affairs Report
Public Affairs representative Gary Powers provided the following items:

.2017 Budget Report: Total income from advertisers - $860. Total expenditures for newsletter, website and meeting cards- $1901. Additional advertising and sponsorship initiatives underway to reduce deficit. Additional expenditure reductions to be gained through reduction in number of meeting card mail-outs.

A motion was made and seconded to solicit SWVA MOAA members for contributions to the chapter Leadership Fund.  A proposed appeal notice will be prepared for inclusion in the forthcoming newsletter.

Communiqué newsletter - Chapter Newsletter: 4th Quarter 137 copies printed and distributed, 150 copies emailed to members.  1st Quarter 2018 Communiqué in work.

Chapter Website - Updates continue with plans for a total rebuild still in progress. 

Facebook - Posted two recent events; Renovation Alliance project and the Veterans Day Parade participation.  

Public Affairs/Media – Distributed two Press Releases: Renovation Alliance project and the Veterans Day Parade participation.  Will be distributing a Press Release announcing MOAA SWVA new Officers and Directors for 2018.

Sergeant At Arms Report

No report.

Past President’s Report:

Dan Karnes reported on the 15 November 2017 Stand Down for Homeless Veterans.

Director Reports 

No reports.

Committee Chairperson’s Report

Arthur Sommers, Smith Mountain Lake Satellite representative discussed a recent e-mail from Chairman Roger Sorensen concerning attendance and supervisory issues necessary to keep the SWVC satellite viable. This will be discussed further at the next satellite meeting in January 2018.

Old Business

John Miller reported on the final area programs scheduled for the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration Program.  John Miller reported on the presentations of the Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pins, the 1960-70’s concert with Roanoke Valley High School bands at the Salem Civic Center and finally the Veterans Appreciation Dinner at the Vinton War Memorial.

The chapter participated in a Renovation Alliance project on 7 October replacing two outside wood porches on a veteran’s home in Iron Gate, VA.

New Business

Programs for 2018. 

18 January 2018 – Ms. Kathyrn Mustard, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Suicide Prevention Coordinator at the Salem VA Medical Center.

15 February 2018 - Mr. Carlos Poindexter a 94 year old, WWII Marine Corps veteran living in Troutville, VA.

15 March 2018 – Retired Navy Captain and MOAA member Mr. Bob Crawshaw Deputy Director for the Virginia Region of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing is an international organization dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active duty and disabled veterans through fly fishing, outings, fly tying and program events.  The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Locally the organization has 78 active disabled veterans and 55 volunteers.  

19 April 2018 - Col Steven W. Biggs, USAF, Commander, AFROTC Det 880, VMI.  Colonel Biggs will address his experience flying the B-1 bomber.  

the Chapter was not able to obtain a volunteer to be the Program Chair.  Tom Dalzell indicated he will assist Dan Karnes and others to develop meeting speakers and programs.  Several possibilities are in the offering and inquiries have been put out.

MOAA JROTC/SROTC Award Program.  The MOAA ROTC/JROTC award materials for 2018 have been ordered

The Board of Directors welcomed Colonel Terri Coles, USAR (Ret), Senior Director, Council and Chapter Affairs and LTC Suzanne Walker USA (Ret) Director Membership Events to discuss what is transpiring with Council and Chapters from the MOAA perspective.  Information was shared on recruiting, resources, quarterly leaders training workshops, MOAA Community Outreach Grants and the MOAA home page and magazine redesign.  There will be a Storming the Hill on 16-18 April 2018 and the MOAA Annual Meeting/Level of Excellence Award dinner on 30 October  – 1 November 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Colonel Terri Coles administered the oath of office to the 2018 SWVC Officers and Board of Directors.


There being no further business to come before the Board of Directors, the meeting was adjourned at 1104 hours.  The next Board of Directors meeting will be at 1000 hours on Thursday, 18 January 2018, at Hidden Valley Country Club.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Jamison,